10 Luxury Minimalist Baby Bedroom Design Ideas

One preparation before the baby is born is to make the bedroom itself. Parents certainly want the best for their children. Bedrooms must be taken into account, Comfort, neatness, and theme, because after giving birth the bedroom is. These are 10 minimalist and luxurious baby bedroom design ideas:

Fresh and Fun
The cheerful and fresh atmosphere offered by this design is quite appropriate for the nursery. Various colors given to the room will give a cheerful impression. Blue floors and various toys on the floor will make your baby more active later. The green color given from various elements also makes this room look more fresh.

Soft and Neutral
It is inversely proportional to the previous design. This one baby room reflects neutral, comfortable and soft colors. With a blend of beige and white colors this room makes the room not too flashy and provides a calm and safe atmosphere.

Space to Parent
Parents certainly spend most of their time on their babies. A comfortable sofa will certainly provide a place for resting parents. In addition, the walls of the room with pictures of nature, animals and dolls will cheer up your nursery.

All Pink
Pink is synonymous with baby girl rooms. With all-pink decoration from mattresses, sofas, curtains, carpets, towels, and the like. Besides giving a feminine impression, this design also makes the room brighter.

Green Space
Giving green to the room will give the impression of peace and peace. In addition, these colors can make you and your baby more relaxed. Furniture is also adjusted to its theme with a natural atmosphere because green itself is synonymous with nature. One of the furniture that you need to have also from this room is a replacement diaper rack for babies.

Eye-catching Wallpaper
Room wallpaper looks attractive and also unusual. The color of the wallpaper which consists only of black and white scratches turns out to have pictures of animals. The rooms look more expressive with this wallpaper and don’t forget mini furniture such as tables and chairs that are suitable for children to play and learn.

Learn and Play
this room is also connected to a mini study room for your child to play and learn. The walls of the room are decorated with geometric shapes with various calm colors. Various hangers that adorn the rooms are also attractive, such as crescent shaped lights and decorations on the bed.

If it turns out you see the potential of your child who is adventurous, this idea can help. With wooden walls and wooden furniture gives a rustic impression. Beige color blends with white and wood. In the room you can also attach various ornaments to the story of your adventure journey so far.

Camp in The Room
If you like camping and want to teach this habit early, you can give a tent in his room. This tent also gives its own uniqueness in your baby’s room.

Shiny Room
It turns out that orange can also be applied to make the room brighter. Not only bright, the atmosphere of the room feels warmer and more cheerful.

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