10 Modern Style Bathroom Ideas with Beautiful Views

Bathroom design is usually only indoors, but look at the designs of these modern-style bathrooms, displaying such beautiful views. Relax, unwind after a day of work, guaranteed stress will disappear. These are 10 bathroom ideas with mountain and natural views:

Not only because of an attractive bathtub, but also marble tiles with neutral colors and motifs. The window with the black frame also takes a nice view outside. When soaking in it can while lying down and looking at the sky outside. Warm impressions also appear in the room with yellow wall lights.

For this one design, the bathroom represents a cool and cold atmosphere. Not only through the white bath but also the scenery offered in the area of ​​the house shows a cool atmosphere.

For this bathtub one feels the elegance and beauty offered. Scrolling curved windows offer a wide view outside the building. Relaxing while enjoying natural beauty is an important point in the design of this bathroom.

With minimal size and rigid lines make this bathroom seem stiff, formal, and elegant. Brown ceramic tiles blend with the color of the sink shelf. wall lights add warmth to the bathroom.

spa atmosphere in Japanese public baths. This bathroom with all-wood material has a fairly distinctive style. Looks luxurious but also back to nature, the material in this bathroom really shows its features. It feels a minimalist and unique design displayed in this room.

The bathroom which consists of a bathtub and shower is quite attractive by highlighting the black stone material. The combination of bathrooms and glass windows is rarely used due to privacy issues. One of the traditional approaches is to use smaller windows and be placed at the top of the bathroom wall.

The glass wall in the corner of this room provides unlimited views. As if he was bathing in an outdoor area. The combination of white and black makes this area look eye-cathcy.

For the design of this one is quite special. Because the bathroom is connected with a balcony that presents beautiful outdoor views. After finishing bathing and looking fresh again.

Not just glass windows in the bathroom. The symmetrical frame and shape enhances this room. All-white rooms combined with wood elements are very simple but memorable. The motive in this bathroom also makes the room not monotonous.

The rustic style looks natural, this style is still suitable to be combined with the modern style. So the room looks like a semi classic and also contemporary. As with the design of the bathroom above. Its rustic design appears in the window frame and sink shelf and bathroom partition. While the bathtub that is relatively modern gives a different touch to the marble material.

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