10 Smart Furniture Decorative Ideas to Save Space

Smart Furniture is one idea to save space, usually designers wear it in small homes that have limited space. With Multifunctional Smart Furniture we can save furniture because it has 2 functions. activities within the maximum house and space can be seen widely with smart furniture. 10 home decor with smart furniture:

  1. Folding bed
    This foldable bed has other functions. After being united with a wall, the room becomes wider and can be used as a workspace.
  2. Floor as a wardrobe
    the aesthetics in the bedroom are unique, the wooden floors have hidden doors that can be opened. clothes to personal items can be stored in the floor clothes.
  3. Multifunctional sofa
    Put the corner of the room close to the shelves which turned out to be part of smart furniture. Not only becomes two functions, but also becomes three functions at once. Suitable for you who live in a house or apartment that has a small space. Aside from being a sofa, it can also be used for dining room seating and mattresses.
  4. Minimalist TV cabin
    The TV wall placed in the flat bookshelf is very unique. When the shelf door is closed, the flatness of the tv will be the same as the flatness of the rack so that it gives a broad impression
  5. Multipurpose table
    The guest table is identical to the size of the short and not higher than the guest sitting. Of course it will be different from the size of a work desk or dining table. But with this one furniture, you don’t need to worry about your low desk. Parts of the table can be raised so that you can move according to your needs. Besides this table can also be used as a storage area.
  6. From the sofa it becomes a bunk bed
    This one furniture can be a solution for you that your friends often visit. When they want to stay and you’re confused about not having another bed, this sofa can transform into a level bed.
  7. Shelves, tables and chairs in one furniture
    Shelves that can be extended to a table. Wooden chairs are also stored inside the shelves so they don’t throw away places when you don’t need them. The design is simple and the wheels on the foot of the rack make it easy to move this rack to any room.
  8. Unique tables and chairs in one place
    At first glance, it looks like an ordinary sofa with colorful seat cushions. But behind all that, there is a table that can be extended and the seat frames to be placed under the couch. So it is very space saving when there are not many people in the room, this furniture can be just a sofa.
  9. Hidden kitchen
    This table looks ordinary like a decorative table and other shelves. But when needed, this shelf contains kitchen equipment and equipment. The design that disguises the function of this furniture is very attractive.
  10. Multifunctional garden chairs
    Wooden board chairs that have been designed can be rotated to follow the axis so that they form different patterns and different functions as well.

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