11 Colored Sofa Designs for the Living Room

A comfortable living room must have available a variety of comfortable and well-done furniture. one of them is the sofa being one of the furniture needed in the living room. With bright colors and matching the interior will add to the comfort of a room. these are 11 examples of sofa designs for guests who look comfortable and comfortable:

This yellow sofa adds a cheerful summary in the living room. Yellow that is taken is also a soft color so it doesn’t attract the eye. The black line gives firmness to the design of the sofa. The combination with the glass table is very unique. The white carpet is quite taking heart.

Bohemian style, this living room provides freshness for people in need in it. The motif on the carpet adds a pleasant impression. Sofa cushions of various colors add to the interest in this room. Teal blue makes the impression of a room full of confidence and imaginative.

Bright colors are indeed very suitable for various types of rooms. Want various motives. This pale-looking light green sofa is presented with all the other colors in the room.

This elongated sofa is suitable for many people. Looks soft and also comfortable. In addition to blue, the sofa is also equipped with a single sofa covered in chocolate. Everything is complementary in this room. Neutral colors on the floor, walls and ceiling make the couches blue and brown more prominent in the room.

White can also be very attractive if combined with colored pads as in the design above. White is the dominant color in this room but it does not look like a strong red color like maroon and dark yellow.

For the yellow sofa this one gives a resolution in a white-covered room. The side sofa opens directly to the sofa and the whole outside.

Pink can also be an attractive color combined with white. Feel happy and also make people implemented more relaxed. The chosen pink color is not too young.

The yellow sofa is indeed dominant enough to be used to provide joy in the room. The combination with black and graceful dark side in this room. Furniture in the room such as a wooden table makes an ethnic atmosphere.

The combination of green and black makes the room elegant and friendly. In this room the second color gives a pretty interesting sharpness. Both colors are opposite each other.

This stylish sofa formation is very beautiful and looks soft for the living room. Seeing the eclectic impression in the room. The two colors that are joined are dark blue and the brown on the sofa is very attractive and unusual.

The gray sofa combined with orange in the room creates a vibrant atmosphere. The neutral gray color is very suitable to be combined with a sharp orange color.

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