11 Tips on Swimming Pool Design to Relax at Home

You like to swim, have large land? there are 11 tips on swimming pool design that will certainly relax you at home. immediately build your dream pool.

Swimming pool right behind your house can be an option for those of you who have an unused backyard. The simple design of the pool and its floor covered in stone texture really highlight the color and design of this pool.

Ponds that are not visible in the boundary of the pool wall make us more relaxed. Besides this pool reflects the shadows of the trees and the surrounding environment which makes this pool look more beautiful.

The pool can be applied in your small house. Designed with makeshift land, this pool provides coolness and freshness into the house. Swimming with stone footing gives its own uniqueness. In addition you can also relax sitting on the edge of the pool with your friends.

This one pool can help you from fatigue after work. The shower that forms like a waterfall gives its own attraction to the pool. In addition to the swish of falling water, the waterfall next to the pond gives its own aesthetic to your home.

Swimming in rainy or hot weather is not a problem with this indoor pool. The unique design with stone walls and wooden horses blends with the color of the pool water. Besides that, the glass on the roof exudes the beauty of skylights during the day and night.

This one design is not only beautified from the pond, but also from the beauty of the landscape of the garden. The combination of pool, landscape and yellow gives the impression of being bright and cheerful. In addition, the gazebo at the end of the pool is the point of interest of those who visit here.

If we usually see pools with rectangular and oval shapes, this one is different. Inspired by origami shapes, the pool side has different and unique angles. This indoor pool with an unusual roof gives its own unique impression. This pool is also equipped with seating in the corners of the room so you can relax and enjoy this pool.

One of the interesting things in this pool is that the pool is located between two rooms. The open bar next to the pool provides its own nuances suitable for you who are used to sports while drinking at the edge of the pool. This spacious room is indeed suitable for gathering with friends.

If most previous pool designs are on the side or back of the yard, this one pool is above the building. This rooftop pool pampers you with an urban view from above. Besides the attractive scenery, this pool has a jacuzi area at the end of the pool. Not only is it a pleasant experience but this pool is also comfortable for you.

No need for a large swimming pool, this simple-looking pool has its own charm. Combined with wooden floors, this pool seems to blend with the surroundings. This pool itself has the impression of being in a forest. If you want natural nuances, you can apply this design to your home.

The pool that juts out gives a different experience. With urban views, this pool is designed very elegantly with a touch of glass tiles on the pool boundary giving the impression of a hanging water pool.

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