16 Unique, Functional and Value Art Design Chairs

Unique, functional and artistic value seats are usually limited, and it will definitely be a collector of artists. The product designers certainly do not make sense of creating a unique form of chair. The shape of the chair with aesthetic value certainly gets special attention, much hunted because of its uniqueness. 16 chair designs that not only function well but also have artistic value.

This chair is given the name Quartz. Made by a company from Italy, this chair is inspired by geometric formations. The system of this chair uses a combination of two-dimensional pentagonal and hexagonal wooden frame structures which are joined together to form three-dimensional shapes. Now the empty wooden frame is then filled with small pads that are shaped according to the shape. So it can be put in and the chair becomes softer.

Made from wood blocks arranged tightly together, this chair managed to display its dynamism. The shape of the arch adjusts to the human position when sitting. Thick impression is also seen because the layers of wood stacked follow the pattern.

You can guess this one chair from where the idea came from. Yep! No stranger to deer animals. There were not only horns in his chair, but also a chair cover that resembled deer skin. The texture is made hollow so it’s like riding a deer huh.

The uniqueness of this design is that there is a pit formed by the seat frame. The pit can also be used as a place to store or put things as in the other picture. Seen in the picture under function as a bookshelf. So it’s not difficult if you want to read a book even though you are sitting down again.

Shaped like a bubble, the Eero Arnio chair is designed with transparent acrylic material. Equipped with a frame of sparkling stainless steel circle. The design idea comes from the desire of designers to be able to see all directions. Hanging this chair on the ceiling is really like a soap bubble floating in the air.

The chair called the swivel armchair parabolica was designed in 2009 by Stefan Helliger. With an asymmetrical shape, this chair can be used in three functions, namely sitting normally, leaning back and active where you can use the armrest as a table. The color and shape of this chair gives an elegant touch to the house.

If there had been a chair with a skeleton pattern as round and round as a bubble, this time there was a combination. This closed pentagon-shaped chair provides privacy when you sit. Not just sitting normally, you can also lean on that chair. Lightwood material and dark blue pads provide contrasting colors but also blend together.

This beautiful chair is designed to resemble a peacock’s tail. Made very beautiful and also quite complicated. Suitable for your spacious home, because if you use this chair in a small room, it will take a lot of space.

The moon is part of the sky that is pleasing to the eye. Now this chair is inspired by the shape of the moon which is the crescent moon. Made with curved frames, the texture of this chair is unique. Like a collection of threads that are tangled with red, it gives its own beauty. The seat cushion was also formed to adjust the seat pattern.

The design this time is quite unique. Made of wood material, the chairs are curved with two legs to rest on the floor. Besides that there is also a light on the top of the chair. The curved footstool of the chair also makes the chair easy to shake like a rocking chair in general. Suitable for you who like to relax while reading a book.

Like sports especially playing baseball, this design is suitable for your playing room. Made with soft material, baseball gloves and the ball looks very comfortable to sit on. An attractive form is perfect for children’s play areas.

This almost circular chair is inspired by latte art. Not only the shape is like a cup, even the design for the stand is like the shape of a latte pictured above coffee. Beautiful and attractive right?

Previously the seats were inspired by lattes, this one was inspired by the drink cup. The simple design features a chair-shaped backrest. at first glance it looks normal, but the handle that is designed on the back turns out to work to hook your bag or jacket.

During the day this chair does not look special, only the cube chair is white. But at night the chair will look very beautiful and provide a cheerful color for your home. This chair with LED lights will illuminate the dark atmosphere at night. Very well placed in the garden or pool area in your house.

This egg-like shape is uniquely designed on the chair. With a support beam on the foot seat, the seat can rotate 360 ​​degrees. The chair design is only for two people so you can use it while talking to familiarize yourself with your favorite person.

Now this last one truly represents its inspiration eccentrically. The shape of the flower petals on the chair is made as detailed as possible with large to small pile pads. In addition to its beautiful shape, of course this chair will also provide comfort and beautify your home.

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