5 Ideas To Make a Home Theater Home

Hobbies watching movies? Do you want to see a movie to a remote cinema? here’s the solution: make a home theater at home. there are many examples of home theater designs, choose according to your budget and taste.

  1. Make a Home Theater Design Plan
    In designing a home theater, of course there are several considerations such as the location and size of the room in the house. Are you going to use the available space to be a home theater or build additional space at home. Determine the layout of the room and the needs in it.

Some characteristics of the ideal Home theater are:
* has a large size of space
* it doesn’t have many openings in it
* adequate lighting from inside the room not from outside the room
* The location is closed from a noisy room or neighbor
* High ceilings if using a projector to be placed on the ceiling
* Soundproof

  1. Choose the Home Theater Concept
    After knowing the location and size, the homeowner must think about what kind of concept he likes for a home theater in his home. concepts and themes can be applied after looking for inspiration about this room. Do not forget also adjust to the overall space in other homes. Various concepts began to be applied from modern to vintage or elegant concepts.
  2. Choosing Audio and Visual Equipment
    choose between a projector or a flat screen because the display is clearly different. because both screens have their advantages and disadvantages. Many people prefer projector screens for their home theater because of the large screen size. The projector screen can fill the entire wall of the room so that it gives the impression of an experience in a cinema.
  3. Give a Home Theater atmosphere
    Design your room with soundproof walls, fitting lighting, and of course comfortable furniture. By using a coating on the wall that makes the room soundproof, it will make the sound in the room feel more right like in a movie theater. The lighting in the room needs to be considered to minimize interference. Lighting in a home theater is more of a dark atmosphere with a few reflections of lights from the wall that will make the eyes of those who see inside are not disturbed or feel glare. Therefore, choose a chandelier that is placed not directly on the person, the screen or the chair but on the wall and ceiling. Create a cinema atmosphere with the selection and placement of lights.
  4. Complete the Making of a Home Theater
    After planning, choosing and starting to do your project, it’s a good idea to work with professionals in the field of expertise. In addition to being more assured, professionals will be easy to give advice on design, material and complete the re-model of the room in your house.

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