6 Ideas for Arranging a Coffee Table in the Living Room

A work desk or table to relax needs to be arranged so that you feel comfortable when resting or working. Relaxing friends is coffee, usually also at the living room table, so that it is more comfortable and beautiful you need the idea of ​​arranging the living room. Here are 6 ideas for arranging a coffee table in the living room so you feel comfortable and at home:

  1. Show favorite collections
    In the living room at a West Hollywood House house, designer Mark D. Sies arranged his coffee table by displaying his favorite items such as: books, boxes and art items from flea markets from China and Paris. For those of you who prefer the minimalist concept, this arrangement might look too crowded compared to just a table with one flower vase on it, but there’s no harm in trying this concept as a variation on your coffee table.
  2. Cover with a tray
    Do you have a coffee table that you think is too big? You can follow the example of a house in Lattingtown, New York. A designer named Meg Braff added a tray on the coffee table in his reading room. A large coffee table looks a little smaller by coating it using a rattan tray. Your coffee table also looks more attractive.
  3. Turn on the lanterns
    A lamp is usually placed on a coffee table, as is the idea of ​​this concept. A designer named T.Keller Donovan who designed the living room in the Nantucket cottage took a fresh contemporary concept. In lieu of the standard lamp, he chose to use a large lantern as an accessory on the rattan coffee table. Easy but still eye-catchy. If you are holding an event inside the house, you just have to light a candle in it and your coffee table will look more vibrant.
  4. Include natural elements
    Designer Robert Stilin likes elemental and natural objects, such as antique wooden bowls, magnifying glass with horns on the living room coffee table at his home. Aside from being an accessory, these objects can function to accompany you to sip your and guests’ drinks. This is a pretty unique idea that you can apply in arranging an indoor table.
  5. Try simple settings
    Other solutions you can do on your coffee table by adding flowers that are elegant and easy to move, such as a house in San Francisco by a designer named Orlando Diaz-Azcuy. He recommends choosing monochromatic and shiny colors. Equipped with elongated sofas and club chairs that feel comfortable in the room.
  6. The height of the object varies
    In arranging a coffee table you also need to pay attention to the height of each object that you put on the table. The designer named Barbara Barry in the design of the coffee table at the Corona del Mar home was very concerned about the composition. All the decorations inside can be neatly arranged and look beautiful. Plus the use of a glass-lined table is perfect for matching with a cream sofa surrounding it.

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