6 Korean Style Interior Design Ideas

Korean style interior design looks more beautiful and harmonious. not only famous for its k-pop songs, the country of Korea is also famous for its interior design. one of them is the interior design below, ideas for designing the interior in the Korean style. so it is immediately the interior layout of your home.

  1. Use light wood with bright colors
    Wood that has bright colors combined with solar lighting or natural light will make your room look more fresh and harmonious. Of course you can also combine with other wood colors in your room furniture to make your room look richer in color.
  2. Let natural light fill your room
    One of the advantages of Korean interior design is the use of natural light. The use of natural light is the cheapest, easiest and most effective way to light up your room, using natural lighting, your room will look calmer and smoother.
  3. Use Minimalist Colors
    Use colors like white, gray, yellow or brown. Choose colors carefully so that there is a harmonious blend for your room. As seen in the drawing of the bedroom, the room consists of a combination of white, gray and bright brown. The presence of blue objects in the room does not reduce the color harmony that exists.
  4. Add a floor seat
    One of the traditional Korean lifestyles is the presence of lesehan floor seats in Korean homes. Koreans tend to sit on the floor because it feels much more comfortable and this has happened since the beginning of the Korean dynasty. The use of floor mats or pillows is still used today.
  5. Bookshelf as a function of decoration
    You can use bookshelves to design your room to be much more beautiful. You can also use bookshelves to display small gifts that you can from your family or friends.
    The use of bookshelves that are quite high is highly recommended for placing books and items you get. Simply put and arrange your things neatly and it will give a pretty good decoration.
  6. Add vintage items as decorations
    Old or vintage items may look worn and ugly for some people, but with the right laying “vintage” items can add to the beauty of your room. Combining natural light and vintage items that have dark tones can add color harmony to your room.

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