6 Tips for Organizing Narrow Angles and Empty Space for Houses

Narrow corners in an empty room? there are 6 tips on how to organize narrow corners and empty spaces in the house. small furniture must be arranged to be neat and pleasant in the eyes. narrow corners are usually on the bed, in the family room, workspace. But with the idea below you will easily organize and fill the empty space in your home. so read immediately and get the benefits:

  1. Small bed to relax
    there is a narrow space with a window on the wall of your house, you can put a small bed in the room, and give a little wall decoration like photos or paintings. The touch of yellow and furniture such as lamps and small tables can certainly add to the beauty of the narrow corner of your home room. You can use the small bed just to relax or do your chores.
  2. Small Dining Table in the Family Room
    There is a narrow corner in the family room, you can conjure up a narrow corner into a place to relax with your family. The narrow corner decor with a small round dining table and oval shaped chairs. You can also decorate your wall with neon lights so that it looks like a bar or restaurant.
  3. Folding tables and chairs to save space
    Folding tables and chairs are one solution for those of you who don’t have enough space. You can make the room a lounge or reading room with foldable tables and chairs.
  4. Small cabinet between beds
    have two beds with enough distance? You can put a small cupboard to fill the empty space. You can fill your closet with makeup tools or your daily needs, if you have children, you can fill the cupboard with your children’s clothes or to store your children’s toys so that it saves storage space.
  5. Wardrobe with Sliding Door
    You can combine your wardrobe with the walls of your room. With a sliding door that will certainly save a lot of your bedroom space. Besides saving your bedroom space, it also looks neat and beautiful.
  6. Simple Workspace or Make Up Room
    You can make the empty space a simple workspace or a make up place. Place a table and chairs between the walls of your room and you can turn the empty space into a simple workspace. You can put some wall decorations or small lights so that they don’t look boring.

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