7 Outdoor, Elegant, Natural, Luxury Bathtub Design Ideas

Bathing in the room is normal, but what if you feel the sensation of bathing outdoors. like this outdoor bathtub design, cool, fresh and free. take a shower while looking at open areas with natural nuances around it. The following 7 elegant, natural and luxurious outdoor bathtub ideas:

  1. Elegant Bathtub in the Back Garden of the House
    A home in Australia with this spacious backyard is beautifully designed by Dean Herald, a landscape architect. The design named Reflection is certainly designed with a concept where an individual can calm himself because he often feels anxious and depressed. Of course the outdoor bathtub is one of the elements needed in the self-healing process. Elegant minimalist design looks from the shape of the bathtub. Wooden floors bring together various natural elements around the bathtub area.
  2. Bathtub with relaxing area
    This one bathing area not only offers a place to take a bath but also sits casually enjoying the surrounding park. The available lounge chairs make residents more comfortable when resting or lying in this open space. This place is also designed with a ceiling so that bathing activities can still be held when the rain comes.
  3. Outdoor Mediterranean Ala Bathtub
    If it is boring with a variety of plants or grass on the ground, this design can provide an idea for an outdoor bathing area. The appearance of a clean area with coarse-textured floors, rocks adorning the ground, and of course cactus plants complete this area.
  4. Semi-Outdoor Tropical Bathtub
    Tropical-style design and also traditional is very pronounced in this one design. Natural rocks that adorn the walls and floors match the color and shape of the bathtub. When bathing, the user will be faced with a beautiful view from his yard. Various kinds of shade plants also make the area feel more comfortable and also feel fresh.
  5. Japanese theme bathtub
    Its round shape and made of wood is certainly reminiscent of Japanese baths. Bathtub for hot water baths This one has a unique design, not only because of the material but also the paths and scoping plants. Beautiful and impressive.
  6. Bathtub with Natural Views of Rocks
    For this one design, of course it looks attractive with a rough stone textured bathtub. Appearing together with the surrounding environment, this bathing area in a Nyanyi Riverside villa is perfect for refreshing. The mind becomes more relaxed with the natural view of the garden. Coupled with the roof that protects the user but also presents a view of the blue sky.
  7. Open-air bath with luxurious appearance
    The first impression seen in this one design is luxury. The beautiful design with wooden floor streets to the outdoor bathtub is very impressive. Very private and feels exclusive.

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