8 Recycled Furniture with Unique Shapes

Furniture usually comes from wood, but this time there are unique materials from recycled furniture. make use of items that are not in use and are made in the form of furniture, chairs, tables, wall hangings. the interior of the house is also interesting if it is filled with recycled furniture because of its uniqueness. rarely matching the unique furniture from recycling. 8 examples of unique furniture from recycling for your home interior design:

  1. Chairs and tables from tires
    It turns out that tires that are said to be unused can be used into various things. One of them is recycled into tables and chairs as shown. By adding a net as a place to sit, a chair with or without a backrest can also decorate your living room or terrace. Not only chairs, but the coffee table is also designed with used tires.
  2. Table Lamp from Lock
    Who would have thought a small object like a key if collected a lot could be this unique item? The desk lamp is certainly very interesting. Unused keys are attached to each other until they become new items. Antique and of course the impression of vintagenya can be.
  3. Holder from the Bumper Car
    A broken and unused car can be a useful item like this one. This seat for two people will be special for those who like things like cars and antiques. Instead of a car being wrecked it would be better if you become the holder that decorates the room in the house. Suitable for relaxing or playing space and also on the terrace or home garage.
  4. Guitar Hanging Rack
    You can use the classical wooden guitar that has been broken into this one furniture. By opening the front lining of the guitar, the empty space inside the guitar can be used to put things in need. Ornamental plants can also be placed inside. Of course, adding to the beauty of the space in your home.
  5. Children’s toys from cabin cabinets
    If at home there are children or sisters who are still small and like to play cooking, this one furniture will certainly make them happier. How come? With the formation of a mini kitchen they can be more creative and creative with their imagination. Made from cabin shelves that are already unused and worn out, this one toy can be created.
  6. Seats from Oil Tongs
    barrels or barrels of oil can be used to be redesigned into something new and interesting. One of them is made into a chair. The iron frame is certainly strong enough to withstand the load above it. Besides that the color is also more diverse. Sturdy, attractive, and also comfortable, especially if there is a backrest.
  7. Used Paper Tables
    If you have newspaper or magazine that is not used, of course, some of us will choose to be discharged or just thrown away. Though these used papers can be used again for a unique furniture such as a table. Yep, the rolled paper or magazine is joined to one another so that it will make a circle motif on the glass table mat. Attractive and of course beautifying the living room of the house.
  8. Seats Atop Magazines
    If previously there was a table, this one was more like a bench, a seat for home. The formation is fairly simple as in the picture. Only need to provide magazines, wooden boards, and also unused belts. The magazine stack that determines the height of the bench is the choice of each participant. Add pads to the top of the magazine so that you are comfortable sitting.

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