Black Exterior House Design, Attractive Interior: Black House

The Black House is in Highland, UK. designed by Rural Design Architect. With a land area of ​​145 square meters, clients want a home for a comfortable family on the Isle of Skye with limited funds. A house with 3 bedrooms, an art studio room, and a study room certainly must be designed to be efficient, simple, and also easy to build.

The land of the building itself has an unusual shape, namely a triangle. Of course because of this landform, the house has a unique design. The west is exposed and needs to be taken into account to deal with the weather in this area. To the northwest there is a view towards Bracadale.

Houses with triangular land are designed with trapezoidal shapes on the plan with 4 sides. The house designed with a black exterior is designed for one floor. To enter this house, visitors pass through a long ramp which is on the sloping side of the building. Then visitors are greeted by a corridor leading to various other spaces.

The bedroom, studio and bathroom also take up space in the corner of the building. In the corridor section, the entrance and also the family room are limited by a low wall, where the wall is not closed to the ceiling of the house. Of course this makes the air and light in the house circulate well.

The family room, dining room, and also the kitchen are in one area close to the open deck. This room is the most spacious area in the house. As a gathering place of course this area is quite comfortable by showing two sides of the natural scenery in this area.

The design of the building form one considers the direction of the wind and also the state of the environment. The architect also draws inspiration from ad-hoc buildings that are part of the rural landscape. The corrugated black sheet which is the exterior shell of this house shows harmony with the agricultural area. It is also durable and efficient without complex connections.

Ramps and decks on this house are two relaxing areas that become the transition area between the inner space and the outer space of the building. The entire building enclosure is well insulated and also very simple.

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