Contemporary Living Room Design Ideas

How do you make your family room more special and comfortable? by giving contemporary style one of the favorite styles of most people compiling to design a family room. family room design examples in a contemporary style:

Putting a family room upstairs will provide privacy for family members only. Enjoy the atmosphere of intimacy and warmth through the materials used as wallcoverings, floor coverings and furniture. The hanging lamp feature adds to the uniqueness of space.

Large windows can channel natural lighting into the room and are well decorated so as to provide a broad and cheerful feel. Material so inside the room has intricate details like rock walls.

The walls of the room that have clean colors without patterns like white and black are combined with patterned carpets, abstract paintings, and chandelier. The room becomes more crowded and feels more alive.

Form uneven walls, but are equipped with complementary television cabin and heating. Not to mention the selection of furniture with gray shades.

This one design has the theme black and white on the different sides of the concept of yin and yang. Even the shiny floor is divided by two colors and certain motifs. The simple and all-white sofas give a comfortable and soft impression. Two types of bookshelves have two different dominant colors.

television cabin and heating with black accents. add contemporary to thick.

Dominant brown wood adds a natural impression to the room. This diverse texture in chocolate makes the room more diverse. Feel the family and family room.

Clean and neat shades produced from white and gray. The pure white marble floor gives a different accent from the modern and minimalist impression because the floor is not too shiny. But this color blends with each other in the room.

All that attracts attention is an abstract-patterned carpet and black and whitish brown that makes the carpet look transparent on the marble floor. Glass windows adorn one side of the wall in the room providing a fairly maximum illumination. While on the wall only bookshelves are attached.

Brown walls and floors combined with other walls that are uniform white with the ceiling. The brown wood element on the wall also has a vertical stripe pattern that gives the impression of a high wall. The furniture in the living room area seems to contrast with the dark color.

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