Design of a Container House in Fredericksburg: Minimalist Interior

The Container House was designed by the Tiny House Building Company located in Fredericksburg, VA. Don’t underestimate this house, even though from the outside it looks small and simple but if you enter the house, the interior looks amazing. the rooms clearly look spacious with a minimalist theme. different when viewed from the outside, inside feels quite spacious and comfortable.

On the exterior of this house it looks like an ordinary container covered with cedar and copper roofs. Also seen are wooden doors and windows that adorn this house. The presence of openings will certainly make housing more comfortable and air and light circulation better into it. This residence has a certain height so there are stairs on the front door to reach the height of the floor.

This $ 85,000 house has a bright and clean interior. The floor is designed with brown maple which gives a certain pattern in the dwelling. This wood material is also combined with white around the interior. Both of the walls and furniture are dominated by white. Of course it doesn’t look monotonous because of the contrast through the wood floor.

Entering this house, visitors will be immediately shown the storage shelves. This rack can certainly be an area of ​​mudroom where shoes or other necessities are stored.

Right to the left of this shelf is a kitchen area. The kitchen which is located at one end of the room is designed complete and also luxurious. Forming a U-scope, this kitchen is equipped with a two-door refrigerator, stove, and cleaning area. The kitchen table is made of marble so that it gives a sparkling and clean look.

Shelves under the table can be used as a storage area for kitchen utensils, while for food items or equipment that must always be available or easily accessible can be placed on a shelf that hangs on the wall. The window at the end of the room will certainly be very good for air circulation and lighting in the kitchen area. The ceiling lights also provide sufficient lighting and reflect to all areas. Not to forget, there is also an exhaust fan on the stove which certainly helps remove smoke from cooking out of occupancy.

For the middle residential area, equipped with comfortable sofas as a living room and lounge. This area can also be used as a place to eat. Decorated with windows, and curtains, of course, gives its own privacy in this room.

Contrary to the kitchen, at the other end of the house it functions as a bathroom and laundry room. When opening the door, you will see a toilet seat and a sink that juts inward.

The shower area is in the room next to it which is covered with curtains. With a size of 90 cm x 90 cm, of course this area can be fairly comfortable and not narrow for bathing activities. The closet area where you hang clothes is next to the shower room. As for the laundry, there is a washing machine equipped with a dryer.

In this residence there are two bedrooms in the residential attic. Both of these bedrooms can be accessed via a staircase which also functions as a shelf at the bottom. The stairs are equipped with black iron pipe handles so that it will be safer when climbing into the bedroom area.

King sized mattresses are part of these two bedrooms. The rooms are also equipped with railings making it safe for sleeping residents. Not only mattresses, rooms are equipped with tables and storage space. Not to forget also the reading lamp was mounted on the wall of his room. Installed heating and air conditioning for this one mini container occupancy.

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