Elegant Bathroom Design Inspiration

The bathroom is elegant but still provides freshness. The arrangement of the bathtub, shower area, toilet, and sink certainly must be well integrated. elegance does not always have to be luxurious furniture. Can also give a different touch on the bathroom wall. This is an elegant bathroom design that will inspire you:

The combination of two black and white colors really gives an interesting picture. Coupled with a touch of golden color on the support legs and pipes in the bathtub. Ceramics on walls are arranged like a brick arrangement while the floor has a different motif.

The walls in the bathroom area provide a unique shape. Consists of shades of gray and yellow arranged randomly. Form complexity is only visible on one wall. In addition to the wall, a minimalist toilet and sink shape beautifies the overall space.

The red color not only gives the impression of a burning spirit, but also can look elegant when properly combined. Red colors that are not excessive are combined with white which gives space to look radiant.

The gray color combined with brown and white can stand out gracefully in this design. Not excessive and gives the impression of cool in the room.

Wood material in the cabin in the bathroom is very beautiful and protruding when combined with a white background. But not only this wood material, but also the giving of green color to the ceramic in the shower area which gives its own freshness. This room is small but looks bright.

The spacious bathroom does require proper space management so it doesn’t look empty. As in this one design, there is a bathtub and also a separate shower area with a wall in the corner of the room. The door on the shower area is placed in the right area so it won’t block the bathroom door or bathtub. The use of marble ceramics at the sink is also very beautiful and attractive. Plus the chandelier is no less unique.

the whole space has one color on the wall and floor but has a contour on the ceiling of the bathroom. Not only the brown color that stands out on the ceiling, but also the shower shower that can come out of the area gives the impression of luxury in this bathroom.

Not only impresses traditionally because of the shape and color of the furniture, but also provides a masculine side with hardwood material on the floor and toilet seat. There is also a whole room decorated with a black and white theme.

Looks simple and attractive. The use of metal material as frames in the room gives a strong and resilient impression. The combination of various materials in one space together and show the beauty of the room.

Decorated with glass scopes, giving exposure to the formation of bathrooms in this room. Not excessive, the use of concrete material in the whole room is very beautiful. Give a monochrome feel to the bathroom. Shower shower was made interesting with iron material that is different from the overall material in the room. Less is More.

Return to nature and surroundings. Maybe that’s what flashed when I saw this bathroom. Wooden boards designed on the floor and walls give a warm impression. In addition, the concrete walls are made of rectangular patterns so that they complement each other with the overall design. Coupled with the unique shape of the sink attached to the wall.

Black is never separated with elegant colors. The whole room with black gives a comfortable atmosphere to relax in the bath tub. Giving white color on the sink table and bathtub brings to life the atmosphere with its reflective material.

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