Home Floor Decoration: Floor Color Combination and Meaning

Home decoration on the floor so that the atmosphere and theme are in accordance with the design. a cheap alternative is not to replace ceramics but you can do it with special paint. Pair the color combination to make it suitable and pleasing to the eye. Examples of color combinations of home floors and their meanings:

Do you like monochrome colors? However, if only gray might look too plain. You can combine it with white. The gray and white colors are fused in a very neutral striped pattern to wear on the floor of your house.

Your room is less exposed to sunlight? The choice of white on the floor can make the effect of your room brighter. Combine it with white-painted walls and ceilings so that it can make your room super bright.

If you want to choose pink for your floor without being too childish or too feminine, you can combine it with white. In this design, the choice of floor pattern will affect the impression you want to cause. With the right decoration, comfortable space will be created inside.

Wood + White
Mixing white paint on a wooden floor can be an idea for those of you who want a classic touch in the room. Create a striped pattern with white color alternating with wood base and give a little polish for interesting results. Vintage impression is also obtained from the display floor.

When you imagine the floor of your house being given black paint maybe what you have in mind is a dark impression. But you can try it by pairing it with brightly colored furniture. Like a chair or a color sofa with yellow and a table with white it is amazing. Shiny black color certainly gives the impression of elegance in space.

Do you want to try cheerful nuances? The use of orange can be the right choice. But pay close attention to how you design the space so that the orange doesn’t look like it’s going to have a Halloween party. Combine with white and make a checkerboard pattern alternating. Thus your room will look more alive and enjoyable.

Green leaf
Green is quite synonymous with nature and can give a fresh impression when used on the floor of your home. You can choose green leaves and choose neutral colors like brown and white on the furniture. This certainly will create a color harmony in the room.

Light blue
You can choose a cool blue color. Its use can be done for the bathroom floor of the house. Of course this color will be in perfect harmony with the white bathtub and wall. The color is harmonious and not too prominent too much in the room. Besides being neutral, this blue color also gives a bright effect on your room.

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