House Design in the Hills Area with Landscape Views

House Design in the Hills Area with Landscape Views. This three-story vacation home is located on the outskirts of the Buffels river in Pringle bay, South Africa. The residence which has an area of ​​300 square meters is very comfortable, both from the coolness that is presented or the beautiful surrounding scenery. With the presence of green vegetation around the hills, this open-designed house presents a natural feel that makes its inhabitants able to feel calm and comfort.

Saota as the architectural bureau of this residence creates a house that looks clean in appearance and is also sturdy. The use of material in this house is very thought by the architect. Hard material is able to withstand the climate and the wind around this bay. The concept applied by Saota itself is to design a residential that has holiday nuances so that people who are in it will enjoy their daily vacation.

Visitors who first enter the residence will be exposed to open areas in the kitchen and lounge. The lounge is presented with a long sofa that is comfortable facing the kitchen. Of course, by putting the kitchen in the front of the dwelling, it shows a very open and homey house for anyone who visits.

The kitchen area is modernly designed with bar stools facing the kitchen table. Of course this cooking area has a beautiful appearance with shiny white. With the existence of a lounge, of course, the kitchen area is also a place to gather while cooking with family or friends. Plus the beautiful scenery is immediately presented with the glass window overlooking the garden and terrace.

For the dining room area, table furniture, chairs and lamps also have a beautiful and unique design. Round wooden tables are combined with chairs with geometric lines that look elegant with fur pads as the base of the seat. Not to mention the branching lights that give more aesthetic value to the room. Even hills can be enjoyed while eating breakfast.

The dining room itself is located between the TV room and the living room. The whole room has an open impression. The partition that separates between the rooms is a TV rack partition that is uniquely designed with curved sides so that it feels more flexible. Whereas between the dining room and the living room are separated by fireplaces as heating. The unique abstract artwork is installed around this room.

Residents can also relax in the living room terrace area. This concrete roof terrace is quite extensive and is able to present a relaxed and fresh atmosphere because of its location surrounded by a garden in the house. A comfortable sleeping sofa is also a complement in this space. As for this terrace, you can see the views of the hills and also the river which is an important part of this bay area.

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