Limited Land Three-storey Minimalist House Design Ideas

Minimalist house in New York, US with small but comfortable and free land. the three-story house utilizes the height of space very well. 122 square meters wide, from the living room to the bedroom, with a minimalist 3-storey house design idea, the narrow land that will be built by the house will look spacious. so look at the minimalist 3-storey house design tips with limited land:

This house is a Duplex house, where there are two residential houses in one building. Of course the two dwellings are separate from the outside with different occupants. Different from the residential next to it, this house is designed open with glass walls in the front part. Of course this exposes the inside of the dwelling.

By exposing the inside of the house with glass, of course there are certain pluses and minuses. A house that looks narrow will certainly feel more spacious because residents in the dwelling can look outward. Circulation of light and air will also be maximally entered into residential homes. As for the minus value, the house becomes less private because people who are outside can know the activities of the owner in it.

Trees in the front of the house make the patio area feel more calm and cool. The outside reception area also gives a friendly impression to guests visiting the residence.

Moving into his residential house, on the first floor, the living room was lowered by about one meter. This is done so that it can provide a height that is comfortable and not narrow. The living room with an L-shaped elongated sofa is designed modernly with a television hanging on the wall and a round coffee table.

Behind the brown wood door in this living room there is a complete bathroom with toilet and shower area. The toilet and storage room are also available on the ground floor.

On the second floor, there is a dining room and also a spacious kitchen. The dining room is designed with an L-shaped sofa that clenches onto the wall and also a legged chair on the other side of the table. In the dining room area, residents can immediately look out the yard through a wide glass window. chandelier helps beautify the interior.

The kitchen area is designed on both sides of the room wall after the dining room area. At the bottom of the stairs, it is used as an area for washing various materials and kitchen utensils, while on the opposite side it is designed to cook with an electric stove mounted on the kitchen table. equipped with a vacuum cleaner on the ceiling of the table so that the smoke from the food does not fill the room in the residential house. At the back of the second floor area there is a toilet and also a storage room for cooking and eating equipment.

As for the top floor, it functions as a private room for the owner of the residence. After climbing the stairs, the first thing to see is the relaxing area. A soft round sofa that is installed in the corner of the room gives a comfortable space for residents to relax and take a break while watching TV.

The workspace is quite large, not blocking the circulation in and out of the bedroom. The room with white walls and skylights on the third floor is very bright so it is good for vision while working at the computer.

The bedroom is very minimalist designed with a combination of neutral colors such as white, beige and gray. Some hanging decorations look very beautiful in the right proportions as well as some paintings on the walls of his room. A wide glass window makes light from the outside so that residents can wake up and enjoy the scenery in the morning.

For space on the back on the top floor, it functions as a bathroom area and also a walk-in closet. A large enough changing room is a comfort in a residential area. The shower is equipped with two showers. The gray design of the entire space gives a clean and cool impression. While the toilet area is across the shower area.

Some unique things that can inspire small dwellings are the stairs in the house, and also the skylights on the top floor. Stairs designed with this board structure certainly make the light from above can spread throughout the room, even between stairs. There are two skylights in occupancy, in the corridor and bedroom area. Skylights in a slanted design face the front of the house where there are beautiful views of the leaves of the trees on it. Light can also be distributed well at various times because of the right design on the skylight.

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