Modern Home Shop Design Ideas 2 Functions

2 Storey shop house with the function of the other floor for business and the second floor for residence. this kind of building will make it easier for owners in business. This time we will discuss the design of modern shop houses in Japan, see and make inspiration. looks comfortable and spacious, the design is simple but this works.

The building, located in a hilly area outside Shizuoka center, Japan has an area of ​​79.45 square meters. The building was designed by a Japanese architect, Suzuki Architects. The surrounding buildings also have various functions, from multi-functional buildings, old farms, tea gardens, and also residential areas. Uniquely this building was erected on a hilly land with views towards Mount Fuji.

The first thing that was done by the architect in designing was to create a building design that blends between the house and the surrounding environment. Of course, designing a wall that is compatible with the environment and according to the function of the building but still maintain the privacy of the residential house. This shop building is designed with openings that can face the outside view but the openings themselves do not expose the privacy space inside.

On the other floor, the owner uses it as a place to do business. A shop that sells clothes and unique items from natural materials. In addition to retail and various storefronts for displaying the clothes sold, dressing rooms are also available in this room. Of course, this space is one of the important things in running a clothing business.

At the front of the shop there is also a display area where there is a glass wall that shows a mannequin statue with clothes highlighted by the store. Its location is very prominent plus the uniqueness of the facade of the building which is divided between transparent and closed.

On both other sides of the first floor there are also openings such as sliding doors and places to relax under the second floor residential terrace. While other openings are decorated with vertical walls of the plant so that it feels natural and beautiful. Light and air of course can get into the room so it doesn’t feel crowded. the ceiling structure of wood material makes the building unique.

While the entrance to the residence is made separate from the store entrance. The stairs covered by this wooden fence are on the other side of the road from the shop. Up this staircase, visitors will immediately be treated to a wooden terrace that can see the scenery around their surroundings.

The residence is designed very modern and also comfortable. Various kinds of simple furniture make the room feel spacious. When entering through the terrace, visitors will be faced with a living room that is directly connected to the kitchen area and dining room.

The bed can be used as another room during the day, because the bedding is thin, as is the custom of Japanese people. But this room is also given privacy in the living room through the sliding door of the wood.

The bathroom can be accessed via a sliding door in the kitchen area. The toilet with the shower area is in a different room in the bathroom. Wooden floors in residential areas not only give a natural impression but also provide warmth to the residents inside. The design of the ceiling is not different from the store area.

Designed with two building functions with separate spaces in one building. make both functions work according to each activity. This simple box-shaped design works well as a place of business and also a home.

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