Natural House Design of Besonias Almeida Arcquitectos

This natural house named Aranzazu has an area of ​​264 square meters which is used well and efficiently so that the house can feel comfortable and fresh. This house in Argentina Blends with Nature, the interior feels spacious. This house designed by Besonias Almeida Arcquitectos has a good integration of space between indoor and outdoor.

Located in a corner of a residential area that has been built since 1968, this house has indeed become an area of ​​overgrown plants. From various kinds of trees to shrubs, it provides a fresh greening place for the surrounding area.

Surely the architect designed with regard to the surrounding natural environment. Large oak trees can be seen at the entrance of the house which is quite unique. Clients also ask for homes with various permanent functions in their space but are interrelated between the inside and outside spaces.

The request for the use of home material in the form of exposed concrete combined with wood material so that it can break the impression of monochromatic at home. Of course, two mixes of interesting material and also beautiful for a home.

The whole house will certainly be strongly supported by the landscape design. Therefore, the trees and vegetation are the starting points in designing houses. By not cutting the main trees and also leaving the land with natural land that is not covered with the concrete floor.

This house consists of two floors which are certainly divided by privacy zones. On the ground floor it functions as a public zone area where guests can explore the spaces on this floor. As for the upper floor, it functions as a private zone area where only the owner has the right to access the area.

On the ground floor there is a living room equipped with a heating area, a guest bedroom, a dining room, a kitchen, a family room, and of course a relaxing and sunbathing area near the swimming pool. Do not forget there is also a vehicle parking area that can include space for three cars.

The most interesting part of the house is a semi-open-plan picnic-style family room overlooking the swimming pool. In this family area, they can relax or eat together with the atmosphere directly facing the inner courtyard of the house. The area covered in concrete and glass will certainly familiarize the atmosphere between family members.

As for the floor above, there are three bedrooms. One master bedroom is complete with a walk-in closet and an en suite bathroom. Whereas the other two bedrooms have shared bathrooms located between the two rooms.

One of the interesting things on the second floor is the connecting corridor between the main room and the other small bedrooms faced with the stairs and also the large glass windows where the large trees in the yard in the house soaring can be seen. Besides that there is also a bookcase and storage that looks the same as a shelf downstairs so it looks like it is fused and connected to each other.

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