Open Room Decorating Ideas Become a Family Room

Open spaces are usually decorated as a playground for children, usually in the garden for koi ponds, a place to relax and unwind when coming home from work. but this time decorating the open space becomes a family room, a place to relax and chat with our big or small family. so look at open space decorating ideas into a family room:

Here we bring up the concept of open space in a park that is at the back of the house or in the middle of the house, maximizing the use of open space makes it comfortable, creating a positive aura from nature can be a reflection of our body, especially if we add some plants or our favorite flowers such as roses, jasmine, lavender and so on, their natural scents will refresh thought and body, reduce stress, and create new hobbies to care for our favorite plants.

This concept does not only emphasize green open space. not all open spaces are merely dealing with the word green or plants, we can also present this open space concept with a more minimalist touch. Suitable for being chosen as your family room decoration.

The minimalist touch that is used gives its own impression by its users, presenting a broader impression with a mini sofa with a calm touch of color, less is more and simple. Providing a comfortable, simple atmosphere and more warm feeling with family members.

The next concept presents a Gothic atmosphere as fulfilling the satisfaction of its users who prefer this Gothic concept, giving the impression of being calm and feeling like living in the ’80s is really exciting, you can reminisce with old times, accompanied by a furnace as heating but that it’s just property, because we are in a tropical country that is quite hot unless you live in the cold West which can be very useful to heat the room.

Using the dominant colors of chocolate and wall textures similar to neatly arranged natural stones and combining them with furniture that uses artistic carvings and classic themed space displays can also be integrated into this concept. have an open space that can be transformed into a comfortable family room for you and your very dear family and share a new hobby about spatial planning.

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