The Idea of ​​Beautifying Parks with Natural Stones

Natural stone gardens in landscape architecture are the right choice for home decor. the use of stone makes us close to nature. fresh, cool and beautiful atmosphere will be felt. Natural stone can also be designed to be a pond, a road, a flower pot on the home page. Here comes the idea of ​​beautifying a garden with natural stone:

Natural stone pool garden is an idea that is perfect for those of you who want your simple house to look sweeter and more beautiful just by using an over-sized home page because the natural stone pool garden certainly does not need too much space or space.

There are two categories of natural stone gardens that we show in this article, namely natural stone gardens and natural stone pond gardens. You can adjust which design you want to use as a reference for your home page.

For the design of natural stone pond gardens, there are two choices based on their size. If you want to create a large garden, of course you have to prepare a large enough space on your yard, besides that you also have to pay attention to the growth of fish in it. Then if you prefer to create a swimming pool with a size that tends to be minimalist, you also have to prepare decorations for your minimalist pool, because a minimalist sized garden is usually intended as a sweetener of a house. The advantages of this minimalist pool garden, of course, you do not need a large space in your yard, just a few square meters and the pool garden you want will be formed. natural stone garden designs that will inspire you:

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