Unique Cave House But Luxury House Facilities

Starting from Angelo, a businessman who made a cave a comfortable residence. This cave, which is around 700 years old, has the appearance of a luxurious dream house. The Rockhouse Retreat, is from a cave house owned by Angelo Mastropietro.

Its location on the outskirts of Worcestershire provides a comfortable and quiet atmosphere with unique exterior and interior. Filled with rock material that makes this place feel natural. Coupled with the environment surrounded by trees around the Wyre forest, Worcestershire.

At first Angelo discovered this cave when he was taking shelter from the 1999 rainstorm around the Kidderminster area. After finding a match with this cave, he bought it from the auction in 2010 after the ad was released as the home of ‘Fred Flinstone’. He also immediately submitted a request for a request to the Wyre Forest district forest agency to carry out construction in the cave.

Angelo’s own life was successful in urban areas until finally he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2007. He often experienced dizziness while looking for a simpler lifestyle that was inversely proportional to the urban lifestyle as well as living in this natural cave.

Angelo himself spent 1000 hours in this cave to cut, dig, or destroy rocks with his own hands. Of course this has paid off. He found clean water that emerged from a hole that he dug along 80 meters from the ground. Unlike the primitive essence of the cave, it is equipped with clean water, heating and Wi-fi signal transmitters.

The lighting of the residence itself is also very much considered so that it gives a natural and pleasant feel. The cave house is equipped with a king-sized bed, and heating with wood makes the middle room very comfortable when night or cold weather comes. The kitchen is also designed complete and also modern. Not to forget the ventilation to remove hot air installed on the wall.

This cave house is rented for those who want to experience life in a cave but still comfortable. The Rockhouse also provides a romantic and entertainment feel on the open terrace. Beautiful and stunning natural scenery. Plus this area can be accessed by car and is not far from the main road.

Not infrequently also in the area of ​​my house this functioned for various events such as the wedding area with the background of a cave house or private party, even a company outbound event. The area around the cave house is indeed unique. The environment is very different from the urban atmosphere but is easily accessible and accessible by train or car. I’m from Angelo, who until now he dreamed that he would someday live in this cave as a whole.

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