Unique House Design: 2 Styles In 1 House

House design with 2 styles, from a distance it looks unique. merging between modern but from the outside it seems old. in the walls decorated with vines. The 70 square meter house is located in West Tytherley, UK. Designed by Stephen Marshal Architects, 2 styles in 1 house.

The modern style of the house has an ultra glass facade that makes the room consist of a dining room and an open kitchen that receives natural lighting from the outside. The atmosphere of the house in an area with lots of trees certainly makes the view from this place interesting.

The owner of the house is a TV and film producer, Elaine Sperber and Nick Manzey. They like the work with natural materials including lighting. This house itself has become a unique and attractive home renovation from both the exterior and interior.

The house that originally had the basic L shape was made the base of the box with the addition of the new building. For Stephen Marshall, the addition of a new building must have a different look from the original and the two displays can be seen standing alone.

The part of the house covered by these plants is an existing part of this house. The shape of the house in Victorian style is the original characteristic of this house. But an interesting blend was given with the addition of modern-style buildings from the base to the roof. Not only the appearance, both of the material and structure also uses a modern system.

In designing this house renovation, the architect made a description of modeling using a computer so that it could be seen what structure would be used. The shape of the modern building in this house uses a cantilever system so that in the corner of the room there is no supporting beam and can be placed ultra glass walls.

Stone floors that are on the outside and inside the new building are things that connect the house and the outdoor area. This also contrasts with the appearance of the original house that uses bricks.

This house has a main entrance in the western area of ​​the house where the original building was formed. On the ground floor there is a living room, dining room and family room. Then due to new buildings, the new area functioned as a large open kitchen and dining area. Of course this makes the family room area bigger and can be redesigned more attractive.

Then for the top floor to be a private area of ​​the homeowner. There are 3 bedrooms, one bathroom in the original building and the new building becomes the master bedroom along with a walk-in closet and an en-suite bathroom. With the addition of buildings, it certainly makes this house more spacious and has more space.

Contrasting material in the two buildings provides its own uniqueness. Can be seen in Victorian-style buildings, framed windows become their own identity and distinctiveness. Whereas in its modern new building, windows and doors are made of oak wood. Not only doors and windows, but the bedroom floor material in the new building and the furniture inside also uses the type of wood.

The combination of the two styles in this house certainly feels unique and unusual. But the two styles look together or can even be seen as a stand-alone part. The outdoor area between the house and the warehouse on the house is used as a relaxing and gathering area.

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